With a trainer kite on the beach you will learn the basics of kite flight, control, and acquire a knowledge of wind dynamics. With the skills learned using a trainer kite, now you are ready to maneuver through the power zone while dragging in the water. You’ll practice body dragging upwind, launching the kite from the water, and self-rescue/self-landing skills. This is the phase where students develop essential skills needed to become independent with the kite.

Length: 2 hours

Cost per person: $160.00/160.00 cuc(cuban convertible pesos)


This multi-day course includes the introduction to kiteboarding course. Now you are ready to put it all together to get up and ride the board on the water. Skills are broken down into a step-by-step process to set you up for success. As you enter the water with a kite and a board the lesson usually involves some practice getting the board on your feet while flying the kite one-handed and maintaining proper position. Also covered are board-recovery techniques (body dragging upwind). Through each step your Caribbean Rider kite School instructor will be guiding you through the proper techniques to use.

Next, you’ll be generating some power to try and stand up on the board for the first time! As you experience your first water starts and manage to keep the kite properly placed in the wind window you will suddenly have a sense of exhilaration as you realize you are kiteboarding. Congratulations you are now kiting downwind and have taken your first steps towards becoming an independent kiteboarder.

Length: 6 hours

Cost per person: $ 300.00/300.00 ocuc(cuban convertible pesos)


When you sign up for this 10hrs course you will receive 2 extra hours of instruction free

This comprehensive course includes Caribbean Riders introduction course & the Get up and rides the wind course. With your first downwind rides under your belt you will now be ready to take it to the next level.

At this point you will learn to controlling the power in the kite while riding, kiteboard edging skills, transitions and riding upwind. Through all of the time you are on water your Caribbean Riders Kite School instructor will be with you and providing immediate feedback to ensure your progress to the level of independent rider.

Mama always said practice makes perfect and with kiteboarding it’s all about time on water so the kite Addiction Course is the ideal way to ensure you go home with the knowledge and skills to be an independent kiteboarder.

Length: 12 hours

Cost per person: $ 500.00/500.00 cuc(cuban convertible pesos)

***In all the courses you can take private lessons or in couples ( 2 students max)***

***The things you might want to bring are a swimsuit, towel, rash guard or t-shirt, hat, sunscreen, water, sunglasses and neoprene booties with rubber sole which are not mandatory but highly recommended for lessons in our secret spot***

***You can pay in USD dollars, according to the exchange rate in our national bank***