Why ride with us?

Caribbean Riders Kite School (CRKS) is without question the best kiteboarding school in Varadero, Cuba. Founded by the local riders, CRKS will ensure you learn this exciting sport with a professional kiteboarding school committed to ensuring your safety and understanding of all aspects of kiteboarding.


At CRKS students, from first time on water beginners, to advanced kiters, can receive world class instruction and see their Kiteboarding skills improve. The combination of reliable trade winds, a pristine beach setting, and attentive and knowledgeable instructors collectively create the optimal environment for learning.


No matter where you go in the world Kiteboarding is a fun and friendly community. At CRKS you will find the same welcoming and friendly vibe. The instructors are passionate kiteboarders, proud of Cuba, and are happy to be your teacher/host as you learn the amazing sport of kiteboarding in the great kiteboarding location of Varadero, Cuba.


CRKS deeply believes by taking a step by step approach to teaching Kiteboarding every student can, at their own pace, learn to kiteboard safely and experience that incredible thrill which is attracting more people every year to this dynamic new water sport.

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