Wing Foil Lesson

Come join our Wingsurf school, also known as Wingfoil, and benefit from our experience in Wing Foil lessons.Our Wing instructors are all certified and will gladly share their acquired experience throughout the wing lessons.To learn how to glide on a wing foil board, it is necessary to have a simple technique and decomposed exercises with the aim of making this wonderful sport accessible to everyone.The wing foil training allow you to quickly learn this new sport step by step your instructor will teach you how to control your wing.The first step is at the beach to understand how your Wing works, how to get power but above all how to decrease this power.

Once your Wing control is good you will be able to prepare your entry into the water.The minimum practice on the beach required for being able to handle your Wing correctly and successfully for the next steps in the water is a Wing lesson of 1h to 2h.

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