Our team of instructors is trained to meet your expectations at all times, our teaching method will take you to an advanced level in a minimum of time, making your vacation an unforgettable and economical experience in turn. Classes are scheduled depending on the weather conditions, achieving greater communication with you so that you do not lose your day waiting for the wind. Our school adjusts to your needs and schedules as long as weather conditions permit.

1-Basic Kiteboarding Course level 1

  • Theory: Wind, Conditions, Safety.
  • Setting up your equipment.
  • 4-line kite handling on the water.
  • Pulling your kite up and down.
  • Body drag

Duration: 3 hours (one day)

Price: $150.00

2- Basic Kiteboarding Course Level 2 This course offers all the points mentioned on level 1 plus:

  • Several types of body drag.
  • Water start fisrt few meters cross-wind.

Duration: 6 hours (2 days)

Individual Price: $300.00

Group price(2/persons): $220.00/each person

3- Full Kiteboarding Course The full kiteboarding course offers everything mentioned in levels 1 and 2 plus:

  • Water start
  • Sailing and transitioning
  • Standing on your board properly to optimize sailing.

Duration: 9 hours (3 days)

Individual Price: $400.00

Group price(2/persons): $320.00/each person.

Group lessons are ideal for families or couples who want to take lessons together. These kitesurf lessons will allow you to learn kitesurfing while taking advantage of the savings on group rates, in group lessons students share a single piece of equipment and will have an instructor at all times.Equipment Rentals

Kite rental is available to experienced kiteboarders only and riders are responsible for all damage to the kite.

Supervision is for those who cannot stay upwind or who need help, or if your instructor thinks you are not ready to practice on your own. Supervision includes all the equipment you need plus an attendant who will stay with you and keep a close eye on you for your safety.

You must have a high level of autonomy and be able to navigate upwind to rent without supervision.

***Payment: EUR or USD ***

Although we are normally in Varadero town, we have different spots throughout the peninsula, so you should contact our manager Darien as soon as you arrive in Varadero, for more information.+5359044875 (whastapp)

******The things you might want to bring are a swimsuit, towel, rash guard or t-shirt, hat, sunscreen, water, sunglasses. ***