Caribbean Riders Kite School is situated on the absolute finest spot in downtown Varadero peninsula. Caribbean Riders Kite School is the only licensed Kite school for this beach zone of Varadero.

As a result Caribbean Riders Kite School enjoys a perfect wide sand beach which is designated for kiteboarding. The beach is wide even at high tide so makes for an ideal spot to launch and land a kite. The water is always warm so students can spend hours in the ocean comfortably. The depth of the water is very shallow out to 60-100m so students have the added benefit of always being able to stand up in the water as they learn to kiteboard.

The wind is generally side onshore or onshore so ideal for kiteboarding. From Kite Beach kiteboarders can safely kite in any wind direction except south or southwest wind directions.

During the course of any day when the wind is blowing perfect for kiteboarding you will find Kite Beach Varadero to be uncrowded so beginners and experts alike will enjoy open space and feel as though they have their very own ocean playground.

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