The “Share N’ Care” program was an idea that started by the growing needs of the local kiteboarding movement which is bigger every day.

We at CRKS since our very early days (2011) have been the only ones helping and supporting the local community with free repairs, lessons and used gear, we also organize kite events and races in which all our school gear is used for free.

Since we don’t have any sponsor of any kind, YOU can be our sponsor and help the growth of the local kiteboarding scene and our school. If we are making the difference with what we currently have, imagine what we could do with your support.

We could take in your used gear (which will end up in the hands of one of our local riders) and change it for some of our lessons/services like the our 6h course, the advanced lessons, tricks supervision and visit to our secret spot and of course you’ll ride and hang with the locals like one of us and will have eternal gratitude from ourselves and, of course, from the community.

For getting information about the program and to listen to your ideas you can contact us


This are the first collaborators of this program we’ll add the YOU as well if you decide to participate


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