In CRKS our mission is to give every student the best possible value along with the most professional instruction.

We feel the best testimonials are those from our past students without any knowledge of kiteboarding at all. To get a sense of how our students feel about their kiteboarding experience with us go to Tripadvisor and check out what they say about us.

Kiteboarding is both our passion and our business so at CRKS we strive to share the joy this amazing sport gives every kiters at every skill level. At the same time we believe we have a professional obligation to ensure your safety and that you learn the full array of skills you will need to have many fun and memorable days riding the wind.

CRKS is therefore grateful for the trust our past students have given us and we thank all of our students for taking the time to share their experiences with other aspiring kiteboarders who may be looking at visiting Varadero Cuba to learn kite boarding.

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