Varadero Secret Spot

Varadero is a beach with shallow water and moderate waves, although when the wind blows more than 18 knots and during the winter the waves can be strong and the current can be very fast, in these conditions and very often many boards, also for beginners is dangerous due to the wind blowing from sea to land so we can not only injure ourselves by impacting the sand also to swimmers.

CRKS has a secret spot on the outskirts of Varadero where the wind is constant, without waves and very low tide, there are no swimmers or people walking, a natural Cuban environment where the only concern is not to finish the time to enjoy even more of this place.

Like anywhere in the world you visit, you should always ask the locals for this type of information so you will feel more secure and for CRKS it will be an immense pleasure to be able to help you.

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