Varadero Secret Spot

Varadero Secret Spot Varadero is a beach with shallow water and moderate waves, although when the wind blows more than 18 knots and during the winter the waves can be strong and the current can be very fast, in these conditions and very often many boards, also for beginners is Read more…

Your best option 

Before booking kitesurfing courses in Varadero, Cuba you should have a good knowledge of the schools that operate in this island, look for all possible information of who will be your instructors and if they are experienced. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and you should know at all times if Read more…

About Us.

This blog is designed for all the kiters who want to know about this sport on our beautiful island, can find real information about kitesurfing and also ask questions of interest for all the tourists that visit us. Give us your opinions.

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