Before booking kitesurfing courses in Varadero, Cuba you should have a good knowledge of the schools that operate in this island, look for all possible information of who will be your instructors and if they are experienced. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and you should know at all times if you are in good hands, you and your money so I do not recommend that you make a payment in advance. We want to offer our visitors our true values and respect.

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Jeromme L. · August 24, 2018 at 4:34 pm

2 years ago I booked my first lessons with CUBAKITERS and although I did not pay in advance, during the 8 hours I was with them they changed my instructor several times and the truth was that they seemed to know this sport less than me, who was a beginner. His manager was never present for an explanation since on several occasions I requested an experienced instructor which I thought was not on his team…

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